Friday, February 25, 2011


Really. I do. I told the guy what was up with my turn signal; he walked right outside with me and checked it out; he realized I needed to change the other bulb too; He grabbed one and popped it in; the whole thing took about 5 minutes; and he didn't charge me ANYTHING. Thank you, CarX.

Also, one time a couple years ago I went to them because my oil was low. They said they don't change oil, but he gave me a couple quarts for good measure...and again, didn't charge anything. They do know their customer service at CarX. :) Take that, Worden-Martin!

Disclaimer: Worden-Martin does have good customer service, but they are also uber-busy and they WAY overprice. CarX is the way to go.

Lazy, Snowy, Afternoon?

Well, despite a "snowstorm" last night (which turned out to be a light dusting, really...I'm surprised U of I didn't cancel class), the friends invited came and went. It was good. No pictures. It is a thin line to tread between being the interloper who ruins the moment with excessive flashing of the bulbs and being the all-star who captures the moment and preserves it for posterity. I'm not so confident sometimes in my ability to walk that line.

I do kinda like this picture of Amber and Whitney, though, that I took before people got here.

Today I need to get my right rear turn signal fixed. Last year I successfully fixed my own left rear turn signal, which I thoroughly enjoyed :), and I tried to do the same with the right....but it didn't work. Sad story. So I guess I'll actually take it in before we go to St. Louis tomorrow.

Oh yeah, the YG (or a portion) is going to St. Louis tomorrow. That will be fun. Tina, my convo partner is coming along, which is exciting. She is also going to Mexico with us in a few weeks (is that all??) which is extremely exciting. She had very little exposure to Christianity before she came here, and she seems to be interested (at least, for now, in the friendships that come along with Christianity). We shall see. I am glad that she will be in the U.S. for at least another year after this...maybe I will still be in town to hang out with her?...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

For Andrea...

...because I love you and our pre-blogging journaling days. And because I felt like putting off studying for my sociolinguistics test for a few more minutes...

Look familiar? :) (If not...never mind...haha)

Rhythm... the union of change and permanence (thank you, C.S. Lewis).

A whole lot can change in a year, but every year still has 4 seasons, Christmas, 4th of July...

And yet, I tend to think about the future or live in the past. How do you train yourself to live in the now? After all, everyone reaches the future at the same rate of sixty minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is... and in thinking about the future we are only investing our energy in unrealities (again, thanks, Mr. Lewis). The unknown is really not relevant to life right now. After all, it is not entirely unknown...only unknown to us, the ones who probably couldn't handle the knowledge if we had it. All things are known to the only One who can do anything about it anyway, and I'm good with that.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


New goal: To write about something.

I love words and writing so much that I often blab onandonandon without saying anything at all. Unfortunately, this can often carries over to interactions with other people, which leads to fruitless (but entertaining) conversations. My dad calls that "cluttering the airwaves"... and I am doing it again.

Okay, somethingsomethingsomething...

Oh! An Irishman is running around the world! He came through Champaign a couple days ago.

Irish people are silly.
I am proud to be Irish for the silliness factor.

...The typical cause of Irish silliness, of course, is another matter entirely.

I like root beer.

IN OTHER NEWS, Rahm Emanuel gives me the heeby-jeebies (I made a political cartoon about it), but it was an impressive victory in Chicago.

Well, that is enough something for now. Time for bed!


First of all, it took me waywayway too long to design this thing. Blogs are not for the decision-making-impaired... or people who could like anything (flexible is a more flattering word for passive??).

There are seriously a lot of decisions involved in starting a blog.
  1. Do I want to start a blog?
This one is difficult enough in itself. I mean, I really enjoy writing and I enjoy chronicling events, but I have always done that anyway. A blog means doing it in a way that lots of people could potentially see. Good segue into #2:

2. Do I want anyone to actually find my blog?

The answer to this is...not really. I don't plan to advertise. But if you happen upon it, feel free to drop me a line. Yes, that means you...provided I know you. Otherwise that is sort of creepy, and I would rather you leave me alone, thanks.

4. Will I have a theme, pattern, or catch phrase that carries over from post to post?

You know those blogs... do I want to be that guy? In general, unnecessary structure stresses me out, so I'm thinking no. Maybe a series here or there...but I'm not putting this in a box.

5. Did you notice that I skipped #3?

WOW, this is a boring post. Why are you still reading it? Probably because you are me since no one else knows about this blog. hehehe. Anyhow, I really didn't mean for my first post to be about starting a blog...I mean, how unoriginal is that? But decisions are difficult for me, and I will probably have a few to make here in the next several months. I suppose that was where I was originally going with all of this. Really.

Blah. I think looking at templates and background images has fried my brain. I'll come back when I have something interesting to share with my hypothetical readers.

Peace. :)