Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The weddings begin...

Welcome, Summer!  Yes, oh yes... you are very welcome. :)

With the beginning of summer came 3 weddings.  I did not take many pictures at any of them...and my camera is pretty bad anyway (yes, always blame the camera ;)...but please accept this humble photographic offering.

Wedding #1: Amit & Sydney (Although I didn't get any pictures of Amit...whoops)
Getting ready



At reception.  Ryan got to crash the head table. :)

Wedding #2: Craig & Lindsay (Okay, so this time I didn't get a picture of Craig OR Lindsay...ah well.  Here are some pictures of Andrea and Ryan. :))

 You may think there would be a story behind these telephone pictures, but there really isn't...which sort of sums up Andrea and I's relationship. :)
 Same with these bird photos... Seemed like the thing to do at the time...

Yeah...these are two of my favorite people on Earth. :)

...And this IS my favorite person on Earth!

 Wedding #3 was Joel & Laura's!  As my ability to take relevant wedding photos has been decreasing as the summer progresses, well, I did not actually take any photos at Joel and Laura's wedding. :(  But it was lovely and everyone looked lovely. :)  Of course, the important thing anyhow is that all of these people got married.  ...Says the girl attempting to plan her own wedding in a couple months... Currently, I am on a lake (well, sitting in a condo by the Lake of the Ozarks) with Andrea, Aunt Marcia, and Uncle Marty, so summer life is pretty rough...I could get used to this.  Yay, summer. :)