Tuesday, April 30, 2013

This seems a bit overdue, so...

...it is high time to post something [reasonably] mushy about how incredibly blessed I am and how amazingly HAPPY the loving God of the UNIVERSE has made me.

  Psalm 37:4 --  Delight thyself also in the LORD, and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

I am not posting that verse to say, "Wait long enough and God will always give you what you want."  We all want to have what we think we desire (by definition), but God is bigger than that. When we are surrendered and focused on the Lord, He can first tell us what we really want (what is really best for us) and then give it to us. 


You may wait 3 days; you may wait 3 years (as in this case); you may wait 3 decades...
God is faithful.
In His way, in His perfect timing.

Let everything that hath breath praise the LORD.
Praise ye the LORD.
--Psalm 150:6--

P.S.  In case you missed the memo, I get to marry Ryan. ;)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Money's Worth

 You know those times when you buy something, and you're not really sure if it's worth the money?  Maybe you don't know if you will fully use or appreciate the purchase in the future.  That is sort of how I felt when I bought these wall decorations in Michigan a couple years ago. 

Now I am glad that I bought them.

Believe, Explore, Leap Fearlessly.

Or, as I read it to myself some days...BELIEVE!  EXPLORE!  LEAP FEARLESSLY!!

Our great God has our back in all circumstances, and it is nice to have encouraging wall decor to remind ourselves of that from time to time. :)

Also, the YG went to Perkins last night.  Totally about filled up the back room.  It was good to see.  
Very good. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

College Weekend #.....14??

...Because I just can't seem to escape College Weekend, no matter how long I am out of college.  :)

It was a marathon few days.  The weekend started off with Amber, after 5 years of waiting, finally obtaining a much sought-after card catalog from PACA!  It is very large.  And very cool.

 Then we went to church to set up for the festivities.  No, Laura and I did not plan to dress exactly the same...  Festive yet subtle. :)  Great minds think alike.

Meal #1 of the day.  Lunch for our YG while we wait for our guests.

More food prep...

And, um, a tower of angel food cake cups?  This was starting to be the time of the evening when I wasn't really sure what was happening anymore. :)

Okay, these pictures mostly involve food, but what party would be complete without a fountain of nacho cheese?  The fountain ended up being a bit gloppy, but it served its purpose well enough.  Brent (and Brooks) approved.

The weekend went amazingly smoothly, considering no one really seemed to know what was going on until just a few days ago.  So praise God for that.  Good speakers, good fellowship, and good food.  More importantly, God was being glorified, and the Spirit was working in hearts that needed it.  
Win, win, win, win, win.