Monday, July 29, 2013

I laughed, I cried...I screamed in horror... ;)

Last night, I had the absolutely unforgettable experience of being bridal showered by 5 lovely girls from Saudi Arabia, 3 of whom are or have been my IEI convo partners.  I did not know exactly what to expect (I was just told to dress up...), and it was such a special night.

Look at these cute decorations :)

Quick note:  These pictures make it look like I am in this apartment alone, but Saudi culture encourages women not to display photographs of themselves for the world to see...

We had absolutely delicious food, and LOTS of it, and they showed me some traditional music and dances.  We had coffee and dates, and they showered me with perfume and incense:

Also, there may have been a henna demo involved... My friend Nourah is so talented! :)

...And then, onto the part where I screamed in horror...

I was in a conversation with another guest, and wasn't really paying attention to what was going on.  Somewhere in the back of my consciousness it registered that Nourah had come in and pinned a pillowcase to my head like a wedding veil.  It also vaguely registered that the Saudi music playing in the background had switched to the Wedding March... and I should have been slightly alarmed that all 5 hostesses had left the room...Anyway, the next thing I knew, a shadowy figure creeps around the corner wearing a Ryan mask! ...Shortly followed by 4 other creepy figures in Ryan masks!!  5 lifeless Ryan faces started to surround me....and yes, I screamed in horror...after which I started laughing uncontrollably (to tears) for a long, long time.  Then Roba/Ryan came at me with her arms stretched out, and I screamed in horror again and backed myself into the corner, hahahaha.....  It was truly horrifying.

This picture pretty well sums up how I was feeling about then...veiled, flushed, teary, and in need of hydration. :)

And here I am with the scary-beyond-all-reason masks of Ryan.

Eesh osh.  I much prefer the real thing...And I'm good with having only one.  Haha.

All in all, Nourah promised to give me an exceptional night I would never forget, and she definitely succeeded!!  
I am so blessed to have so many talented, creative, loving, special friends. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

All sorts of fun....

I always decide to blog at inopportune times...So this post feels a bit rushed, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.  Lots of fun things have been happening, and I will quickly add a few pictures to highlight them: (None of these pictures were taken by me, by the way...Thanks to Greg, Sydney, and Dad E. for faithfully having cameras around!)

 We went to Athens to visit Sprouty-Sprout, which was fantastic.
I hope we never grow up...doesn't appear to be much danger of that...


 Then we had a crazy shower weekend.  3 in 24 hours.  Here's a couple pics from Champaign:

Those flower pots are dirt cups.  Adorable AND delicious! :)

 After the crazy shower weekend, Dad E. volunteered (or was volunteered??) to take some more pictures of Ryan and I.  He got a couple good ones. ;)

Last but not least, this one was taken at my bachelorette party-type thing.  I've been planning this picture in my head for a long, long time...haha.
Not that Syd will ever be any less of an Eisenmann than ever, but it's a fun picture ;)