Thursday, July 28, 2011

More lessons on how to be a grown-up

It involves a lot of paperwork.

I often feel like this woman lately.
(With not-so-Stepford-like hair, of course)

 ...Or possibly this guy:

......Or possibly this wind-up monkey toy.
Now I'm just being silly...

I have written my social security number more times this week than I have the rest of my life put together.
But that's the way the cookie crumbles.
Just one more thing to get used to about being a grown-up.

Also, I finally got a different car.  "Finally" in the sense that I have put it off long enough.
It's a glacier blue CR-V.  I am thankful for it and like it a lot.
However, it always takes me a while to adjust to change...

I kept my license plates.
And if you allude or argue that I should retire BUBBLO7, I will cry a little inside.
So please don't. :)

 I start my real job where they pay me on August 11.
Many changes, but they are good things--For that I am thankful.
Necessary things and good.
I am very blessed.

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