Monday, January 19, 2015

It's MLK Day...

...which means that I am off work, and I will be at my computer most of the day catching up on fun computer-related things...such as blogging.  I might even put up two posts today, but that might be a bit too wild and crazy of a day off...We'll see.

Let's start with Christmas, partly because this picture makes me feel warm all over:

Aww....Look at that perfect Christmas dress, and the twinkle in that Santa's eyes... Awwwww...... (It helps that I am partial to this particular Santa, not to mention the cool kids he's with.)

Ok, moving on. :)  But first, note the upright Santa Hat on the end table there.  Those hats sang and danced (yes, danced), and all 5 of us kids got one... :-/  Ohhh the cacophony... Ha.

NOW moving on...To more pictures of Christmas:

Most of the kids with Santa

Of course, the youngest had to sit on Santa's lap too... Am I referring to me or my baby? ... Me, der.   I use the baby as an excuse for plenty of things, but I hope I don't need an excuse to sit on Santa's lap. Haha.

And some pics from Eisenmann Christmas:

Our first-ever attempt at roasting chestnuts!

"Chestnuts roasting on an open fire......"  Haven't you always been curious?

It turns out that we will continue to be a bit curious... It was a valiant attempt, but it looks like we will have to try again next year to master the technique. :)  (Chestnuts were a bit over-roasted)
Taffy pulling.  Ryan made some perfect taffy.
Someone was unable to attend the immediate family Christmas...Or so Julie thought.

Every holiday is better with the right cardboard cut-out.

My present from Nelson. :)  I don't think that onesie is quite for me, though, or else Nelson really needs an update on my clothing size... 

That's all for now.  Stay tuned-- My goal is to post a bit more this year than last year!

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