Sunday, May 3, 2015

One Week Old!

 Dale Allen was born on April 25 at 4:18 AM.  He was 8 lb, 11oz and 21 inches long.  He was a cute newborn, but now he is already over a week old.  The week flew by, and he has already grown up so much.  He has already outgrown being swaddled...He has also outgrown not eating, haha.  

So now, because everyone seems to be making these lists these days...

One Week

...Having anything in his mouth
Hanging out in his swing
Cuddling with Mommy and Daddy
Being talked to
Taking naps during the day

Not having something in his mouth
Diaper changes
Clothes changes
...Not wearing pants for whatever reason
Initially getting into his carseat (fine once in it)
Sleeping in the middle of the night

Overall, he is a pretty awesome little guy, and we like him a lot. :)