Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Oh dear...

...Only one post stands between this December and last December.  For shame.  At least the one post this year had an appropriate name-- "Loaded Semicolon".  Last December went; this December came.  That semicolon is also loaded.

There's no way I am going to cover the whole year in one post (you're welcome), so let's just start with my most life-changing news in the past year--

On the morning of September 2, this happened:

I had to take a picture to convince myself it was real...

Now that this pregnancy is half over, I guess I should probably document something about it, huh?

Thankfully, there is not a ton to say.  Baby boy is due April 20, after we originally thought he would be coming sometime in May.  We have been blessed with a pretty easy go of it so far.  Apparently, you don't find out you are pregnant until you are over a month along, and it took me another month before I believed it... Shortly after I believed it, we found out the baby was 2 weeks further along than we thought-- So the first trimester went by really quickly!  I was never especially nauseated. I have slept a lot (especially at first), and I eat a lot (mostly just a good excuse, ha).  There was frequent crying at first, but I have a patient husband who deals with all of that like a champ.

Here is the little guy at 18 weeks:

His head is on the right (profile shot).  I'm convinced he looks like Ryan, but Ryan's not so sure... :)

We were super thankful to get a great report from our last sonogram/nurse visit.  Everything seems to be going well so far.  Thank you for your prayers for that adorable, wiggly little boy pictured above. <3