Monday, September 30, 2013

Hey, guess what season it is!

Fall is super.  Writing a paragraph about the superness of fall sounds overwhelming, so it is time to bust out the bulleted list.

  • Pumpkin bread! (Well, pumpkin in general...)
  • Apple crisp! (Well, apples in general...)
  • Yankee candles!
  • Changing leaves!
  • Hot drinks in cozy mugs!
  • Blankets!
  • Hats and scarves!
  • Bonfires!
  • S'mores and hotdogs and...baked beans!
  • hay rack rides!
  • Pretty cornfields!
  • Fireplaces! (or videos of fireplaces, in my case)
  • Marching bands!
  • Apple Cider!
  • Pie! (can be any season)
 Okay, and so much more...but that's good for now.  One picture for the road:

Some of the kids (and John and my dad) were in town on Saturday, so we took them to see Uncle Ryan's cool architecture studio.  Good times. :)

Friday, September 27, 2013

Hey, guess what day it is!

September 27!  This is a good day.  Not only do I know several cool people with birthdays on the 27th (happy birthday), but 5 years ago today, Greg introduced me to Ryan and Julie at a bonfire in Belvidere.  Hahaha....  Bahahahaha.......  It was something like, "Hey Sarah, have you met my siblings?"  And I said, "No.  I probably should..."  Boy, I did not foresee what would happen over the next 5 years.  Irony is my favorite.  Life is good.


Monday, September 23, 2013

Where to begin...?

Well, we got married, for starters. :)

Then, we went to Mackinac Island:

Selfie on a tandem bike. :)  Aren't we cool...?

Um... Too much fun in the children's section of Fort Mackinac...


Then, I had a birthday!  Ryan deserves an A++ for how he handled the pressure of celebrating his wife's birthday 11 days after the wedding....


We even had party hats.

Yay :)

So, Then....

We painted some more... (We previously painted the office and bathroom).

We have a column now!  The best part of the apartment. :)

ALSO, there was that whole Sunday School camp out thing...(the EIGHTH one!) Fall has officially arrived (Yay).
What was left of the group by Saturday morning. :)
That's all I will leave you with for now.  Hopefully this makes up for my recent posting deficiency...for the 3 of you who follow this closely... Haha.