Friday, August 3, 2012

Lately...wait, it's only been a week??

More happenings....
"summer staff and friends" made Sunday Supper again:

And... The kids sold lemonade one day for Finance class. Definitely hit the spot. :)

Last day of Summer School! Hey, it was English Class. Clue is in English, right??

THEN, Brock, Adam and I had a little too much fun decorating church for VBS:

Where did this authentic bush come from?


Can you tell what this stuff is supposed to be??

And then, for our final work of art last night:

You guessed it: Styrofoam Moses!!

Simply fantastic....although some of the small children are afraid of him. Can't say I blame them, really. :) But it was fun to make.

I will leave you with two other pictures. #1: my amigas...

And #2: :) :)